Stall & Bedding Products


Stall Freshening Options:

Sweet PDZ (Granular & Powder)

1) Adsorption – Which is the sticking of the ammonia gas molecule to the surface of the Sweet PDZ granule.  When the Sweet PDZ granules desorb, or dries out, the ammonia odor molecule is driven off the surface of the mineral as nitrogen.   This is why spent (used) bedding material that includes Sweet PDZ, works so well as a slow release fertilizer or as an enhancement to composting.

2) Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) – This is the liquid exchange aspect of Sweet PDZ’s odor neutralizing process.  A sodium or potassium cation from the zeolite granule hydrolyzes (goes to liquid/urine) and the ammonium is exchanged and then becomes part of the Sweet PDZ granule.  This liquid exchange works because the Sweet PDZ granules are always holding water.

Bedding Options:

Patterson Wood Pellets


  • 100% Southern Pine wood fiber

  • 40 pound bag

  • Heated to remove potential allergens

  • Highly absorbent (wet spot actually clumps)

  • Reduced disposal volume by up to 50%

  • Fine textured to sift easily

  • 10-12 cubic ft. expanded

  • Virtually dust-free

  • Easier to breathe and reduced allergens

  • Highly absorbent

  • Composts up to 4x faster than wood

  • Easily compostable 

  • Reduces odor

  • Also available in Lemon Grass Scent


D&L Shavings - 

7 cubic ft. compressed bag (Medium flakes, easy to pick. Great for Poultry bedding)

D&L Select Shavings -

7 cubic ft. compressed bag

(Fine, large, fluffy flakes)

D&L Fancy Flake Shavings - 

5.5 cubic ft. compressed bag

(Small, fluffy flakes)

D&L Super Fine Shavings - 

5.15 cubic ft. compressed bag

(Super-fine mini flake)

Robbins Shavings -

7.5 cubic ft. compressed bag

(Small flakes)

Patterson Shavings

2.7 cubic ft. compressed bag

(Ultra-fine mini flakes)

Suncoast Large Flake Shavings - 

10 cubic ft. compressed bag

(Very large fluffy flakes)

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