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Some reasons to feed your horse Emerald Valley Mashes: For generations, feeding horses bran mash was considered a staple of good care. However in recent years, studies have shown that feeding bran mash on a regular basis can adversely affect the long-term health of the average horse.

Over-feeding bran can impare the absorption of calcium in the horse's gut. The phosphorus in bran is in the form of phytate, which can actually dehydrate the horse. A recent Cornell study confirmed that bran mash actually REDUCED hydration in the horse, contrary to popular belief. Any perceived laxative effect was actually the result of digestive upset caused by the abrupt diet change.

Emerald Valley Mashes are created with Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet which provide a balanced combination of sugar, fibers and oil. Because of the higher levels of fibers in the mashes, it allows for fermentation to occur along the whole of the digestive tract. These mashes work like a probiotic ensuing a healthy happy horse.

Say good bye to feeding bran mashes and say hello to good gut care with Emerald Valley Natural Health’s Bran-FREE mashes.

“When you've spent so long getting your feeding regime right, don't jeopardize it with a high starch mash. High fiber mashes, made with Speedi-Beet & Fibre-Beet, will supply everything you need to treat your horse without upsetting his hindgut.” ~ Dr. Thomas Shurlock, Advisor for British Horse Feeds BsC Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry, PhD Digestive Physiology

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