ACANA & Orijen Dog Food At D&L Farm and Home - Denton

Orijen Whole Prey dog food..

In the wild, dogs and wolves thrive on whole fish, fowl or game, including nutrient rich organs for vitamins and minerals, muscle meat for protein and fats, and bones and cartilage for the calcium and phosphorus needed to nourish their bodies.

Compare this to today’s “scientifically formulated” foods that are carbohydrate based, contain little meat, and are loaded with highly processed grains or plant-based proteins. Read their packages and you’ll find lists of the synthetic amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed to replace nutrients missing from their ingredients in the first place.

ORIJEN Whole Prey mirrors the diet that dogs and cats evolved to eat over thousands of years — a nourishing balance of meat, organs and cartilage, all of which dramatically reduce the need for synthetic ingredients in ORIJEN foods.

ACANA Biologically Appropriate™

Dogs and cats are hunters. The structure of their teeth, jaws and digestive system scientifically classifies them as carnivores evolved to operate on a meat-based diet.

Biologically Appropriate™ ACANA represents a new class of foods that mirror the high and various inclusions of fresh, whole meats that dogs and cats would encounter in their natural environment – meats they are naturally evolved to eat.

Worlds away from conventional pet foods, Biologically Appropriate™ ACANA is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates and features an unmatched variety of poultry, meat and fish that are fresh, preservative-free and bursting with goodness that nourishes completely.

Yet witness today’s “holistic” or “natural” foods that contain little meat or meat protein, are high in inappropriate carbohydrates and contain few, if any, fresh ingredients.

From your dog or cat‘s point of view, these are not natural foods. And while we often apply human attributes to our companion dogs and cats, this isn’t the approach to take with their diets.

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