D&L Denton is proud to be the Chicken Capitol of North Texas and we are experts at what we do! 

What we have available right now:

All of our birds are female pullets unless otherwise noted. The hatcheries typically have about a 92% success rate with sexed birds. If noted with SR = Straight Run/not sexed.


June 17th

French Pearl Guineas- SR


May 29th

Golden Comet

May 22nd 

Assorted Brown Egg Layer

Cinnamon Queen

May 15th

Starlight Green Egger

Assorted Brown Layers


Cinnamon Queens


Please call for availability



Production Reds


** We attempt to update this list as frequently as possible! Please excuse any errors **


What's Coming Soon....... 

**The dates listed below are estimated arrival dates. They are NOT guaranteed dates of arrival** 

                                  On dates of arrival  chicks will not be available until around 9 or 10 am

July 1st

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Black Jersey Giants


Assorted Guineas

July 9th

Black Sex-Link

Production Red

Black Australorp

Buff Orpington

July 23rd

Rhode Island Red

Barred Rock

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Easter Egger

Assorted Frizzle - SR

Assorted Silkie - SR

August 5th

Assorted Polish

Assorted Cochin

Lavender Orpington

Black Sumatra

August 13th

Ideal 236

Production Red

Black Australorp

Buff Orpington

Assorted Frizzle - SR

Assorted Silkie - SR

September 2nd

Black Sumatra

Green Queen

Assorted Polish

Assorted Rare Breeds

September 28th

Lavender Orpingtons

Assorted Rare Pullets

Be sure and let us know if you need a special order. If we don't have it, we can get it! We carry the largest selection of breeds in North Texas. We'd love to help you get started with a backyard flock!

Whether this is your first flock or you are adding to your current one, we have everything you need to get started and more...

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3105 Fort Worth Drive

Denton, TX 76205



Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri:  8:00AM - 6:00PM

Saturday:  8:00AM - 5:00PM

Closed on Sundays